Dr Florent David - Dr Florent David

Dr Florent David

Equine Veterinary Medical Centre, A member of Qatar Foundation, Al Shaqab Street, Doha, Qatar

I have been using Arthramid Vet for five years. I see lame horses that I qualify as “non-responders”. The diagnosis/localisation of pain is accurate on those cases, but they do not respond to rest, and corticosteroids +/- HA intrasynovial. These represent my biggest challenge. Arthramid Vet is often of great help on those cases in association with orthopaedic shoeing, magnetic diathermy and a revisited exercise program to regain and maintain soundness.

The second set of cases that represent a challenge are horses presented with poor performance. They are not genuinely lame, but several sites in their body including joints show signs of wear and tear. This accumulation of stress is associated with the athletic activity they perform and also to some individual predispositions to injury (poor conformation, overweight, lack of repair capacities). On these cases, Arthramid Vet for its long duration of action can help.

The third group of horses I see as a challenge are diagnosed with soft tissue injuries within synovial structures (tendon sheath, bursa or joint). In general, the body responds poorly to healing those lesions. It is still unclear to me if Arthramid Vet can help to return some of these horses to soundness when unsatisfactory healing of intrasynovial soft tissue has occurred.
Arthramid Vet is a very potent and very safe drug to use, and I recommend it to my clients and other vets. Arthramid Vet should be in the therapeutic toolbox of any equine veterinarian. I see Arthramid Vet as a solution with great potential, and more work is needed to refine its use.

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